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    Class of 1967
Wayne Valley EMBERS 1967
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Teaberry Shuffle
The Twirlers and the Cheerleaders used to do a little step during the football games. Being in the Marching Band I was lucky enough to see the cute little thing they did and I've always remembered it. I don't have them doing it however, I do have the next best thing to it. You can hear the music that the Band played and see the little dance that the Twirlers and Cheerleaders did.

Just check out this video.

Here's an added treat.

You can still buy Teaberry Gum. Click Here and then go for the "Candy you ate as a kid" picture and click it.

Contributed by Nancy Sliker
Following Pictures Contributed by Milton Yuan

Contributed by Betty Singer
Updated 10/30/2011
  • John Van Dyken - Deceased (the newest wing of WVHS is named after him)
  • Alan Gifford - Deceased 2016 (became VP at Wayne Hills and eventually retired to Florida)
  • Albert Ruffini - Retired (Science Teacher From Anthony Wayne)
  • Angelo Caruso - Deceased
  • Anothony Micich - Deceased 2009 (Anthony Wayne Social Studies)
  • Barbara Albanese-Abernethy - Retired to Florida
  • Bjorn Krause- Retired (became a guidance counselor before retirement)
  • Carole Gormley-Scaccianoce - Retired to Florida
  • Cassie De Bow - Retired
  • Charles Ackroyd - Retired to New Hampshire
  • Charles Carter - Retired (does missionary work in South America).
  • Charles Tucker - Retired
  • David Wagner - Deceased 2005
  • Edward Galbierczyk - Deceased 2016 (won the millionaire lottery and moved out of the area. When young had been in the Army, one of a few who stood guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. Stayed in the Reserves and retired with a hefty pension many years later).
  • Edward Sorok - Deceased
  • Eleanor Kierston - Deceased
  • Elise Morgan - Deceased 2009
  • Erwin Weinrich - Deceased 2010 (Anthony Wayne Math/Social Studies)
  • Esther Lombardo - Sells real estate locally.
  • Fred Paul - Deceased
  • Gay Harding - Deceased (Son, Billy Harding, Publishes Mystery Books, Set In The Wayne Area [Especially Packanack]
  • George Cipolletti - Deceased 2009 (Industrial Arts/Guidance
  • Glenn Grube - Retired to Florida
  • Henry Weis - Retired (does Elderhostel Outing Clubs all over the world!).
  • Joann Falco (Now Ranaletti) - R - Appeared On An Episode Of 'What Would You Do?' Which Was A Gotcha Program On Serious Issues. Still In The Area).
      June 2016, from Joann E. Falco Ranalletti
    • I was looking at your 45th reunion pictures and I am sitting here with many memories of those of you that were my students at Valley in 1967. OMG where has the time gone. I am the former Ms. Falco who taught history and French at the ole Anthony Wayne and WVHS. I became Mrs. Frank Ranalletti in 1968 and retired from teaching in Wayne in 1996 to go to teach at Montclair State university and at the age of 79 I am a supervising professor at William Paterson.
    • I think what you have created in your web site is fantastic and the fact that you have all stayed close after all these years is a tribute to how each of you felt about your class.

      My best to all on your upcoming milestone. I would love to hear from any of you who remember me and want to share what is going on in your life.

  • Joe Hannan - Deceased 2009 (Director Of Guidance; Wrote Fiction About Teaching)
  • Judy Bradley - Retired
  • Ken Sinofsky - Deceased 2003
  • Lawrence Church - Retired (owns a B&B in Rockport, MA)
  • Lester Ricker - Deceased 2008
  • Louis Domin - Retired to the Las Vegas area
  • Louisa Dette - Deceased 1996
  • Louise Adams - Retired
  • Lucille Attenasio - Retired (was once awarded Teacher of the Year by the State of NJ).
  • Luella Kemble - Deceased 2006
  • Margaret Link - Retired
  • Mary Jane Pellegrino (now Tierney - current principal of George Washington Middle School)
  • Michael Pelak - Deceased 2004
  • Norman Harrison - Deceased
  • Richard Dykstra (Head Custodian) - Deceased
  • Robert Frauenhoff - Retired
  • Robert Ruffing - Deceased (Date Unknown)
  • Ruth Thompson - Deceased
  • Sandra Paulison - Retired Last Year From Lincoln Park As A Guidance Counselor
  • Thomas Ziccardi - Deceased 2009

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