Peter Milano




The one in the middle

Robin lives on the Big Island Hawaii.

When I'm not playing Guitar.....

you can usually hear me playing mandolin. I've had this Gibson F5 Model mandolin since 1973. I finally settled in to playing Bluegrass Music and play as often as I can.




My oldest Daughter Sharon and Family own a farm near Winchester, Virginia and raise "Free Range", animals.




High School Sweetheart

For those who do not remember my girlfriend during my senior year, here is her picture. This was taken during 1966/7 time frame. Paula Mitchell lived about one third of the way up French Hill Road on the right. We married in November 1968.





I married at the end of 1968 and we moved to Lodi where we lived till 1973. Our first daughter was born in 1972 and a year later we moved to northern Virginia where we still reside. We have three children and five grandchildren at the moment. Now that the children are grown the wife and I have time for us. Boy is that great.

I'm still into music and cars. I've restored and customized a few over the years and continue to play and write music. Most of my family still reside in the NJ/NY area. My sister Jean Huntington (Milano), has been quite active in Wayne during the past 30 years.

I worked in the IBM large computer data communications world and Paula did Neurotherapy, EEG distentrainment. I have no idea what it all means other than she enjoyed her work.

My Class Reunion projects have been the building and adding to the 40th, 45th, 50th Wayne High School 1967 Reunion, Web Site and no longer helping my son launch his new career in residential improvements. He is now very successful working out of the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

It is Finally out of the body shop

This is a guy thing, except for the girl who used to beat me racing on Berdan Ave with her 64 Impala. I have been on an El Camino kick for some years and this one just has to be my last one. Not sure what trouble I'll get into next but I sure hope it's not another EC. UPDATE: The El Camino was my last one.