Edward Nevins
Well I'm still working and expect to for the next few years, my wife Lorraine can retire from her teaching job at the end of next year so we shall see what happens after that.

My son Ian is now 27 and is living in the area and my daughter Lindsay finished college in 05, is working in NYC and living at home.

The picture is from my daughter's graduation last May.


My spare time these days has been taken up with wood carving. I have always enjoyed wood working but for the last 6 years or so I've gotten pretty serious about carving and have done signs, caricatures, realistic human figures and animals. I mainly use hand tool "the old fashion way" but on occasion, on large pieces, use a chain saw and power tools. I've completed a few commissioned pieces and have won a few awards at local shows. But I mainly work on things for the family and gifts for friends. It's a great hobby it keeps me out of trouble at night and maybe will bring some income when I retire.

The attached picture is a collection of my work in a show at our local library.



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